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Young Queer Faith and Sexuality Camp : Building Peace through Diversity

Youth Interfaith Forum on Sexuality will organize its first Young Queer faith and Sexuality Camp from 10-14 April 2012 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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24th March 2012 13:50

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

This camp aims to build dialogue among diverse young people, particularly from different faith and sexual identity. The theme of this camp is "Building Peace through Diversity". It will be a spirit in the whole 5-days camp where diverse young people will start to have critical point of view in perceiving their multiple identities – as people who deal with faith and sexuality issue within themselves. After that, they will learn that others also have the similar experiences; as people who have multiple identities as well and in a way the self-othering situation may bring them into power relation while having interaction.

The self-othering consciousness will be a way to understand their experiences dealing with their identity in many level of society that surrounds them, starting from school/college, friends, communities, families, religious institution, and even state. The notion of peace will be spirit for these young diverse people to realize the power relation that happen between themselves and society & state should be challenged through non-violence practices.

Media & journalism, youth advocacy, creative writing, art dialogue, and social entrepreneurship are five areas of youth collaborative works that will be means for them to do initiatives together to give understanding and celebrating diverse youth identity.

Anna Marsiana, coordinator of Asian Women Resource Centre (AWRC) for Culture and Theology and Farsijana Adeney Risakotta, regional secretary of Indonesia Woman Coalition of Yogyakarta will be trainers during this camp.

We also will have some speakers who will deliver some sessions to gain deeper context of LGBT and interfaith movements, identity and multiculturalism related to citizenship, and also sexuality understanding from religious context. Those speakers are Dede Oetomo (Board of Gaya Nusantara), Elga Sarapung (Director of Dian Interfidei), Titik Firawati (Centre of Peace and Security Studies of Gajah Mada University), Rully Malay (Islamic Boarding School "Al-Fatah" for Transsexual), Ahmad Syams Madyan (Coordinator of Interna) and Rev. Stephen Suleeman (Lecturer in Jakarta Theological School). Last but not least, each area of collaborative works will also be facilitated by expertises from each area of work, such as Budi Wahyuni (Director of Women Association for Justice of Yogyakarta) for youth advocacy, Nurul Ikhsan (Peace Generation) for creative writing, Andrian Liem (editor of online media Swaranusa,net) for media & journalism, Sri Mujiyati (ViaVia Yogya) for social entrepreneurship, and Yoshi (Indonesian Visual Archive and Art) for art dialogue. 

We hope that this camp will be a great initiative to build social inclusion among diverse youth identity so that young people can work together, hand in hand, to deliver peace that will give concrete impact, either social, cultural, economic and also politic, to other young diverse people who can’t attend this camp.

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