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Yes, your ‘gaydar’ is real

The concept of the "gaydar" is now backed by science, after two US psychologists found that indeed, people can have the ability to detect a person's sexual orientation in literally a blink of an eye.

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11th December 2013 22:13

Alessia Valenza | ILGA North America

The study, published in the open-access online journal PLoS Online, suggests that people can "unconsciously make gay and straight distinctions."

In the study, authored by Joshua Tabak and Vivian Zayas, 129 college students were asked to identify 96 photos of men and women who are either gay or straight.

The study found out it was easier to spot lesbians, with the participants able to spot one with 65% accuracy. Even with the photos upside down, the correct identification was at 61% accuracy.

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