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worldOutgames Antwerp 2013 Human Rights Conference

The registrations and call for abstracts for the\nworldOutgames Antwerp 2013 Human Rights Conference are now open.\n

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

16th January 2013 11:15

Alessia Valenza

We have great news for you! The registrations for our Human Rights Conference are now open.

Furthermore, you can apply for outreach or submit an abstract. Please bear in mind that applying for outreach or submitting an abstract needs to be done before 31 January 2013.

About the conference

Your local partner, the Human Rights Conference, as one of the three mainstays of the worldOutgames Antwerp 2013, is committed to creating meaningful progress through the effective assembly of motivated change-workers from around the world. The conference is designed for 650 attendees and will provide a high level of participation in order to boost and stimulate the attendees and through them, with the support of muliti-media, the whole movement. A final ‘Declaration of Antwerp’ should reflect the changes we really want for the LGBT movement and indicate the strategies that can lead to the successful achievement of those changes.

Your involvement will have a significant impact on making this stimulating experience a lasting success for the movement. As Antwerp is one of the larger port cities we have chosen the theme ‘From Safe Harbours to Equality.’ Together with you we will address as main themes justice, religion, health and migration. For further information please read the vision statement.

‘From Safe Harbours to Equality’ is an international, multi-disciplinary conference providing a global forum for sharing best practice, disseminating current research and developing strategies for the future. In this Human Rights Conference we aim to bring together an optimalmix of people from the entire world representing their position in life and in the world. We’ve therefore partnered with organizations such as HIVOS, ILGA World, Human Rights Watch and many others. An International Expert Group is helping us with critical feedback on the content and organization of the conference. We strive for a balanced representation of LGBT people, of different ages, of volunteers vs. board members and staff and of all regions as well as critical people from outside the LGBT movement telling us how they regard the movement and its efforts and agendas.

You can find all the information you need via the links below:

General information about the conference

Registration for the conference

Applying for outreach

Submitting an abstract