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Where Are the Gay Indians? Being Gay in the World’s Largest Democracy

In India today, almost any conversation about homosexuality is a good one. Fortunately, that conversation has started.

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13th March 2013 11:25

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

When I turned 30 my therapist asked me, "Are you OK with your parents dying without knowing you’re gay?" I knew the answer instantly.

Exactly five months later I came out to them.

They were on a visit from India, where they live. In retrospect, it was all a bit surreal. We came home from dinner at a tapas place in the West Village, and I asked them if they wanted some ice cream. They said yes. I said OK.

And I dished out more than just ice cream.

I had played this scenario in my head about 700 times in an imagined filmic version. I had imagined almost as many different outcomes. So when the time came for the actual event, I was feeling calm and surprisingly unemotional. That was because I was somehow sure that it would be one of the optimistic outcomes.

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