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Gender Identity and Gender Expression Program

In 2015, ILGA launched its Gender Identity and Gender Expression Program. The Program is guided by the Gender Identity and Expression Strategy which you can see here. As the only global federation of LGBTI organisations and as one of a few LGBTI organisations based in Geneva lobbying the United Nations, the Program represents trans* struggles and issues at the international level. ILGA also supports local trans* movements through its collaborative work on legal gender recognition, health and community building.

For any queries feel free to contact Zhan Chiam the Gender Identity and Gender Expression Program Officer.



ILGA Gender Identity and Gender Expression Strategy 2015



Trans community support and leadership

Publications and research

Public awareness campaigns

Increase Gender Identity and Expression awareness in organisations

Lobbying governments

Work at the United Nations

In doing all these, to provide organisations with strategies on bringing Trans specific issues to each UPR submission when relevant. For example, to systematically focus on the right to health and depathologisation as prioritised in the ILGA Strategic Plan 2014-2018.

Through this, to work with activists in interacting with these mechanisms in strategic and systematic ways, including those visiting Geneva for Treaty Bodies sessions, so that GI&GE issues are visible in a well-planned and well-consulted manner.