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ILGA conferences have been held since 1978.

They are the place where members and allies of the only federation of LGBTI organisations meet to share their experience and best practices, strategize, build alliances and partnerships, and elect their representatives.

The 28th ILGA World Conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand
from November 28 to December 2, 2016:
it will be hosted by our member organisations
Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand and Purple Sky Network.


In this section:



Sukosol Hotel
Thanon Si Ayutthaya, Phaya Thai,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

We will launch a mobile application on November 23, where you will find all necessary information related to the conference. Everyone will get a personal log in via email on that date.

When arriving at the airport, our local hosts Rainbow Sky Association will welcome you and show you the way to the Sukosol Hotel.

See you soon in Bangkok!





The 2016 ILGA World Conference will be divided, as usual, into two main sections: the pre-conferences, a set of meetings organised around a theme or an identity, which take place on the first two days of the event, and the proper conference, or ‘main conference’, which occupies the last three days of the event and includes plenary sessions and workshops.

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Thank you very much for your interest in the 2016 ILGA World Conference.
Registration is now closed!

We will shortly be in touch with those among you who registered, and have requested an invitation letter for visa application.

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Here are all the mailings here that were sent to all members prior the 2016 ILGA World Conference.

(07.11) Final agenda – 3rd mailing
(19.09) 2nd Conference Mailing
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Amendments to board proposals amending the constitution
Amendments to ILGA board proposals for amending the standing orders
proposals with amendments to proposals

Trans* Secretariat, annual report 2015-2016
Intersex Secretariat, report

Report from the ILGA World Board, 2015-2016
Report from the ILGA World Office, 2015-2016

2016 financial report
Annual budget – 2017







The deadline for applying for a scholarship or submitting session proposals has passed.

If your application was successful, you will have received by now an email message from ILGA with the news, and replied to it to confirm as requested.

IF YOU APPLIED FOR A SCHOLARSHIP: If you have not received any message from ILGA announcing the positive outcome of your application, it means that unfortunately, your application was not successful and that you should consider alternative sources of funding to attend the conference.

IF YOU SUBMITTED A SESSION PROPOSAL: If your proposal for a session was not selected, consider that there will be self-organised spaces available at the conference every day after 5 PM, although meeting rooms availability will be limited. Information on how to apply for a self-organised space will be available only and directly at the conference (no pre-booking is possible).

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The history of ILGA World Conferences

In 1978, a group of activists created what is now known as the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA): their intention was to create an international network of activists that could efficiently respond to homophobic attacks, and to act as an international platform to collectively campaign against the discrimination, and at times persecution, faced by LGBTI people around the world.

ILGA conferences, which have been held since 1978 are the place where members and allies of the only federation of LGBTI organisations meet to share their experience and best practices, strategize, build alliances and partnerships and elect their representatives.

The World Conference is ILGA’s highest authority.

During the event, member organisations, the Executive Board, the Women secretariat, the Trans secretariat, the Intersex secretariat, the regional executive boards, and many other allies gather together to strategize, network, endorse new members, shape the life of ILGA via proposals and constitutional changes, and to vote for the election of the co-Secretaries General and the secretariats.

ILGA conferences are not only important social gatherings, but also a good occasion for activists who campaign in their respective countries to meet and share their experiences. They are also an occasion to learn more about campaigning, develop new skills during workshops and seminars and to coordinate local and international actions.

Read a chronology of ILGA’s work since its foundation in 1978 to find out more about ILGA world Conferences and their decisions.

Past conferences:




ILGA regional conferences

ILGA is divided into regions.
Some of the world’s regions regularly organise their own regional conferences in order to focus on their local agenda, but that is not always possible due to funding constraints.
In such cases, regional strategizing is still possible Activists who do not have the opportunity to join in a regional conference can come together to address local issues during the ILGA world conference.