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We are glad to announce that ILGA joined LGBT supports

"LGBT supports" is a mobile application where LGBTI organizations can share their stories and campaigns and where supporters can donate to the cause.

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18th April 2012 12:12

Alessia Valenza

Read the LGBTsupports global launch press realease issued by Canela Foundation: 

Mobile Application Raising Funds and Support for LGBT Projects Now Available in Global Apple iOS App Store

Netherlands and United States based Canela Foundation’s venture into the free app market, receives Apple approval and early priase from users.

Amsterdam, Netherlands and Michigan, United States – 16 March, 2012 –

Canela Foundation announced the availability of LGBTsupports, their mobile application for raising awareness and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) projects around the globe.

“Around the world, the basic human rights of the LGBT communities are being violated on a daily basis. Additionally, many of those who speak against these violations are subject to persecution,” said Jannet Honigmann, founder and global director, Canela Foundation. She continued, “Raising support and resources for the organizations working to end these violations and persecution is crucial.”

On a regular basis, LGBTsupports presents updates on news stories, campaigns and projects important to the LGBT community. Users of the app can remain informed, read personal stories, share the information on their social networks and have an opportunity to support the numerous LGBT organizations involved.

“The goal of LGBTsupports is to create a solid platform for LGBT communities where nonprofits, foundations, and the rest of the world are able to become aware, share and show they care. By capitalizing on the growing mobile and social media markets, LGBTsupports extends the boundaries of each organization’s fundraising and visibility beyond what many thought they could afford,” said Jeroen Onstenk, Canela Foundation’s co-founder and global technology director.

LGBTsupports is currently available for free in Apple’s iOS App Store. Work is already underway for an Android edition with plans for other platforms to follow. More information and download links are available at the LGBTsupports website:

About Canela Foundation
Canela Foundation is a team of social entrepreneurs raising global support and resources for the communities and people with common interests concerning human rights activism.