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Visa Requirements for Delegates to 4th ILGA Asia Conference

The ILGA Asia Board calls the attention of conference delegates regarding Indonesia Visa requirements.

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11th February 2010 09:42

jcjosef | ILGA Asia



Delegates to the 4th ILGA Asia Regional Conference are reminded to check Indonesia Visa requirements applicable to their respective countries. The following is a list of visa requirements for the different countries. Please be guided accordingly.

VISA FREE or countries which do not need Visa to enter Indonesia
Brunei                                                      Philippines
Cambodia                                                Singapore
Laos                                                        Thailand
Malaysia                                                   Vietnam

(USD) $ 25 Visa fee upon arrival is applicable for citizens of the following countries:

Algeria                                                Germany                             Monaco                                 Switzerland
Argentina                                            Greece                                Netherlands                           Taiwan
Australia                                              Hungary                              New Zealand                         Tunisia
Austria                                                Iceland                                Norway                                 United Arab Emirates
Bahrain                                                India                                   Oman                                    United Kingdom
Belgium                                               Iran                                     Panama                                 USA
Brazil                                                   Ireland                                Poland
Bulgaria                                               Italy                                    Portugal
Cambodia                                            Japan                                  Qatar
Canada                                               Kuwait                                 Romania
China                                                  Laos                                    Russia
Cyprus                                                Latvia                                  Saudi Arabia
Czech Republic                                   Libya                                   Slovakia
Denmark                                             Liechtenstein                       Slovenia
Egypt                                                 Lithuania                             South Africa
Estonia                                               Luxembourg                        South Korea
Fiji                                                     Maldives                             Spain
Finland                                               Malta                                  Surinam
France                                                Mexico                               Sweden

All VISA applications for Business, Tourist and Social Visits from nationals of the following countries need an APPROVAL from IMMIGRATION OFFICE in INDONESIA before traveling:

1. Afghanistan
2. Bangladesh
3. Cameroon
4. Guinea
5. Iraq
6. Israel
7. Liberia
8. Niger
9. Nigeria
10. North Korea
11. Pakistan
12. Somalia
13. Sri Lanka

The requirements vary depending on the purpose of the visit to Indonesia. The following are additional requirements depending on the purpose of the visit:

1. A recent Bank Statement with a minimum balance of Euro 2,000 (Two Thousand Euros);
2. Allow four (4) to six (6) weeks before the Embassy receives the decision of the referral application from the authorities in Indonesia.
3. DO NOT purchase any airline tickets before the VISA is granted.


Visa must be applied for by the applicant’s sponsors/counterparts/friends who reside in Indonesia. VISA will only be issued by the Embassy after receiving authorization direct from the Immigration Office in Indonesia.


1. Applications will be referred to the Authorities in Indonesia through the Embassy.
2. Upon application, copies of passport showing details of bearer must be submitted.
3. Upon receiving the written approval, notification to the applicant will be made wither by phone or letter. Otherwise, applicants may call the Visa section to find out if the approval has arrived.
4. Applicants will then submit their passport so the necessary visa can be processed.