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Violence against LBT women in Jamaica

Jamaican association Women for Women carried out a survey on violence against lesbian, bisexual and trans women in Jamaica.

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29th March 2010 12:07



In Jamaica LGBT are victims of intolerance and homophobia.

In particular, LBT women are continuously in danger due to the fact that they can’t openly live their sexual orientation.

Moreover,  LBT women in very few cases report events of violence of which they have been victims.

"Section 377 of the Jamaican laws refers to the ‘buggery law’ which still forms part of some 80 countries in the world that was colonized by British rule.
Section 377 states that the act of buggery (anal penetration) or any form of ‘unnatural sex’ is punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years.
The latest update states that any form of sex outside of marriage that is not male to female penal penetration of the vagina is punishable.
Persons who are arrested on the basis of suspect of an LGBT identity are not usually given a trial, instead they are usually physically, verbally, even sexually abused in jails and in other spaces by members of the judiciary system
Many, if not all of the above cases go unreported as persons fear further abuse or prosecution
Persons of the LGBT community find it difficult to even appear in courts for other issues and they fear being made a mockery of if their sexuality is founded out
In essence the law allows abuse of citizens and their rights even by judiciary representatives

The study shows

Two participants were raped as an attempt to ‘show them what they are missing’ by members of the judiciary system.

Lesbian and bisexual women, especially transgendered women, do not report their rape as they feel that they are already committing a crime and instead of being helped will be arrested.

Lesbian, bisexual and transgendered women believe that they are unable to access any form sexual rights as the law does not accommodate their sexual orientation. (…) "

You can check the PPT presentation of the survey by clicking on the link below