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Vice President Silent On MP’s Question Over Gays, Lesbians

The Vice President is yet to issue a statement over the ‘increase of gays and lesbians’ in Nairobi, a week after promising to do so in Parliament.

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14th June 2012 14:40

Alessia Valenza

The statement was expected on Thursday, 9th June in Parliament after Makadara MP Gideon Mbuvi popularly known as Mike Sonko queried the VP to explain why there was an ‘increase of gays and lesbians’ in Nairobi.

The MP for Makadara has come under scrutiny for his remarks touching on the gay community in the past. There are also speculations about his sexuality that are now emerging.

Mike Sonko, known for his flashy dressing and jewelry angered Parliament this year when he referred to the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga as ‘Waziri Mkuu ni shoga yangu kutoka kitambo’ (the PM is my gay from long ago) leading to supporters of the PM to call for a retraction and an apology from him.

‘Shoga’ is a derogatory term for homosexuals.

Sonko has also dared to undress infront of Parliament and expose his genitals to ‘show the wounds he suffered’ after he claimed police offices roughed him up. He was debating with the then late Minister for Internal Security, Prof George Saitoti.

LGBT critic and Identity Kenya magazine columnist, Queer Watchtower argues that Sonko’s question to the VP cannot be answered.

‘Number of gays, lesbians cannot be estimated or calculated that easily since the community is still silent and in hiding. Kenya, as you may be aware is not as welcoming to gays,’ he said in a telephone interview with Identity Kenya.

He points out that Sonko’s question showed the ‘visibility’ that the community now enjoys. He also chides the MP how he knows who is gay or lesbian.

‘For him to question why there is an increase, we have to question him how he knows who is gay or who is lesbian. Does he know something we do not? Its not like people go around with stickers on their head written gay!’

Watchtower, however, dismissed the legislator as a ‘attentionista’ claiming his recent remarks that ‘Makadara will not accept gays’ as inflammatory.

He points out that Sonko is on record as having opposed the election of Mombasa governor aspirant Suleiman Shahbal saying ‘that Shahbal should not be voted in as governor since he supports behaviour (homosexuality) that is contrary to societal ethics.’