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Uganda : Gay activists to launch anti-hatred campaign

Gay activist groups in Uganda are launching a campaign on Wednesday August 10, to denounce social and institutionalised hatred against homosexuals.

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16th August 2011 11:38

Alessia Valenza

The Hate No More Campaign is spearheaded by human rights group, Freedom and Roam Uganda (Farug) and the Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law (UCSCHRCL), a grouping of 30 human rights organisations.

The campaign comes at the height of increased new attacks and violence on people for their actual or alleged homosexual orientation.

The Farug offices were broken into a week ago as the organisation prepared to launch the campaign.

Another gay activist, Mr Najib Kabuye’s rental home was on July 3, 2011 torched in the wee hours of the morning. It is believed the arsonists acted with the intention of killing him after pouring petrol through the windows and setting the house on fire. In the event, Kabuye escaped with minor injuries.

In the same week as the arson attack, a Transgender Ugandan woman, Ms Beyoncé, also known as Benjamin Tushabe, was molested and hospitalised by people who accused her of “looking abnormal.”

In January this year, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) activist, David Kato was killed in his home in Mukono district after people hacked into his email.

Last week SMUG complained that some people had tried to break into their offices, but were fended off by staff who were on site.

Uganda, the darling of international donors in HIV/Aids related matters especially, has deliberately refused to set up prevention, care, treatment and support services for her homosexual community, fuelling new bridging infection rates. The national HIV prevalence is at 6.4per cent.

Activist Kasha Jacqueline, the Farug Director said the campaign will call on all Ugandans to protect the rights of homosexuals and promote sexual diversity.

“This is a four month long national campaign and will involve us engaging civil society, political leaders, religious leaders, and the general public in asserting our voices against psychological and physical hate against those who we perceive to be different from us. It will therefore start with a press conference Wednesday. Come and join us in raising our voices against hate,” Mr Geoffrey Ogwaro, an officer with the UCSCHRCL, the co-organisers of the campaign said.