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Turnbull’s Gay marriage Support Opens Door for other Coalition MPS

Malcolm Turnbull has become the first Coalition front-bencher to support same-sex marriage. \n

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8th December 2011 12:11

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Oceania

Speaking on Radio National this morning Mr. Turnbull said he wants to vote according to the views of his constituency which, according to his polling, is overwhelmingly in favour of reform.

Australian Marriage Equality National Convener, Alex Greenwich, said Mr. Turnbull is opening the door to other Coalition MPs to show their support for equality.

"As a front-bencher and former Coalition leader, Mr. Turnbull is the most prominent Coalition MP to support marriage equality," Mr. Greenwich said.

"His stance opens the door for other Coalition MPs who support this reform to go public."

In this morning’s interview Mr. Turnbull, who has previously favoured civil unions, also supported a Coalition conscience vote on the issue.

"By supporting a conscience vote Mr Turnbull represents not just his equality-friendly constituents, but also the 76% of Coalition voters across the nation who, according to a recent Galaxy poll, want a Coalition conscience vote on this issue."

"The fact that Malcolm Turnbull has moved on from civil unions sends a strong message to others in his party that this debate is about marriage and equality, not second-rate substitutes."

Mr. Turnbull’s survey of his electorate of Wentworth, conducted earlier this year, found 73% support for marriage equality with only 17% preferring civil unions over marriage equality.

Mr. Greenwich said Malcolm Turnbull also had nothing to fear electorally by coming out in support for equality:

"Mr Turnbull would also know that backing such a popular reform would only benefit him electorally."

For a copy of the results of Mr Turnbull’s electoral survey click here

For more information contact Alex Greenwich on 0421 316 335.