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Truths behind the gay torture images from Russia

"Maxim Martsinkevich is probably the place to begin. Nothing about the 29-year-old would-be architect's page at VK, Russia's answer to Facebook, suggests a particularly distinctive skinhead. He goes by his nickname, 'Tesak,' variously translated 'machete,' 'cleaver,' or -- my favorite -- 'slasher.' He likes steroids, protein shakes, pointless displays of masculinity (three videos show him having a tooth pulled minus anesthetic), and Adolf Hitler. Yet he's quite innovative as Nazis go.

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12th August 2013 09:48

Alessia Valenza

Early in the Putin years, he was the driving force behind Format18, a violent group that called itself the ‘armed wing’ of Russia’s National Socialist party.

"Format18 regularly assaulted immigrants and dark people. Its creativity lay in deciding that visibility — movie cameras coupled with social media — was not its enemy, but its friend. It filmed the attacks, turning them into imitation music videos that went viral on YouTube and VK. Google ‘Format18′ and ‘funny’ and you’ll figure out why: their savage sense of humor. ‘Lol, I love those videos,’ one European neo-Nazi says. ‘It’s funny when they beat people up then burn their passports.’ Some of the videos showed murders."



An essay by Scott Long. Read the full article.