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Tribune Take: Homosexuality, the great taboo in Pakistan

The Take will feature in-depth interviews and analysis with editors and reporters who are covering the major stories, exploring front page events and major ledes. The news analysis covers the way The Express Tribune examines a story, how we cover it and why.

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1st November 2011 20:12

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Episode 1: The homosexuality debate

In our first episode we take a look at the controversial issue of homosexuality in Pakistan, which is also the upcoming cover story of our Sunday T magazine.

Zarrar Khuhro, editor T-Magazine, offers his analysis on what coming out of the closet (and the dangers of such an act), means for Pakistani homosexuals. In Khuhro’s opinion, the prevailing social climate in the country leaves little room for such plurality of sexual expression.

In the face of such social stigma, Tribune blogs desk head, Faria Syed discusses the impact anonymous blogs have on openly discussing gay rights in Pakistan.

Watch episode one here