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Trapped in the Wrong Body

For 14 long years, Shaheen lived the life of a young girl. But things changed when her facial skin began to turn bristly with coarse, man-like hair. Shaheen’s family panicked. For two years, Shaheen’s new identity has caused them to lead a life of stigma. The brunt, of course, is borne by the victim: “I am neither woman nor man. I cannot work out of home or marry. It is a miserable existence,” said Shaheen while talking to The Express Tribune.\n

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30th September 2012 14:20

Alessia Valenza

Hailing from the Khajori area of the Bara Tehsil in Khyber Agency, Shaheen’s family is needy enough to require charity for day to day sustenance. Her family, which comprises her mother, 12-year-old brother, and a father whose whereabouts have been unknown for the past eight years.

Neither here nor there

Shaheen insists on being identified as male and not a transgender. Shy and reclusive, the troubled teenager says, “I have spent all my life behind closed doors, and now I cannot face people outside. I have always dressed as a girl because my mother considered me one,” says Shaheen. “Whenever I try to mingle with women, they tell me that I am a male. But men say I am a female,” added Shaheen.

The defining surgery

Doctors in Peshawar have prescribed a sex change operation for Shaheen which will cost Rs 80,000. Owing to this exorbitant sum, Shaheen continues to dwell in the demonised ‘middle’. Shaheen says that the surgery costs can hardly be borne by a poor family – particularly one which does not have a male bread winner.

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