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Transvestites, women warned against sex trade in Mideast

Panida Somao said the laws in Oman were very strict and only men were allowed to work at massage parlours for male customers.\n\n"But some Thai transvestites have exploited these laws and also offer sexual services," she said, adding that many of these men came to Oman before undergoing the sex-change operation.\n

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26th August 2012 09:31

Alessia Valenza

"Many of them work in Oman to earn enough money to finance this operation," Panida said. "Those who have already undergone the sex-change operation want to save money for cosmetic surgery so they can enter beauty pageants."

She said a Thai transvestite usually charged Bt2,000 to Bt5,000 per hour for services in Oman, but this comes with huge risks.

"When they get sexually transmitted diseases, they can’t go see a doctor because the society here is not open about this," Panida explained.