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Transgenders hit a wall

When three persons wearing salwar-kameez walked up to the Supreme Court complex last week for an entry pass, officials at the reception didn’t know what to do. They “spoke in male voices and even had a shadow of a beard”, said a lawyer who was there at the spot.\nRules require visitors to fill in a form where they have to state their gender among other details. But the form had no category called “others”.

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14th July 2013 09:40

Alessia Valenza

“The male/female column has to be ticked for the pass to be issued. The three wanted to be let in as females. The staff didn’t know what to do,” said the lawyer.
Finally, a senior official intervened and the three were issued passes as “females.”

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Women security officials wouldn’t frisk them, saying they were “male”, while the three refused to be patted down by male guards. The three were finally allowed in after male guards checked them with a metal detector — from a distance.


“It was humiliating,” Sita, one of the three transgenders who had gone to the court that day to file a petition, said later.

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