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Transgender community elated as mother, daughter accept offer of blood donation

It is not easy for the transgender community to gain acceptance among others. Usually, people tend to keep off from transgender people, but a 24-year-old woman and her mother here have no qualms in even accepting an offer of blood donation by a person from the unique sexual group. This non-discriminatory act is seen by the transgender people in Madurai as early signs of their acceptance by the mainstream society.\n

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6th October 2013 06:49

Alessia Valenza

Though, the would-be blood recipient and her mother wish to remain anonymous, they aver that there is no difference in the blood of a transgender person and a normal person. Though there are multiple blood groups, their composition is the same, said the likely recipient. The blood would be infused to her for a scheduled surgery for a broken hand. Though, the blood is yet to be infused, the woman and Anusuya Sri, the 23-year-old transgender person, are now friends.
Anusuya came to know about a requirement for O+ blood when she was attending to her friend from her community at the Government Rajaji Hospital. Though, Anusuya volunteered to donate, she didn’t want to reveal that she is a transgender person. She feared the girl and her family members may reject her offer. But to Anusuya’s surprise the girl and the mother readily accepted the offer. "I am very happy after they expressed their willingness to accept my blood. Usually, we would be treated with indifference, but not this time. I am very happy to get a new friend, particularly a normal girl," Anusuya said.

Bharathi Kannamma, a transgender person who runs the Bharathi Kannamma trust for the upliftment of the transgender community, said that normally people would not accept blood donated by a transgender person. 

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