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Transexual Prostitution – A Study

One of the stereotypes with which we are associated to female trans, is the fact that sex work and prostitution. No matter how positive or negative it is, this study is not subject to providing value judgments based on moral prototypes of this hegemonic society.

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

3rd July 2013 11:19

Alessia Valenza

This study analyzes how true are the social prejudices that are associated with transsexuality, in a frivolous no depth analyze influencing factors are, for the continuation of this stereotype. It is worth mentioning that there is no specific study on sex work of trans women in Ecuador such as this, which aims to present data quantitatively and qualitatively, to a better overview of the situation of trans people.

This data collection will be the basis for any other object of study or proposal with which to obtain a line of statistics on the lives of trans people, and that mostly makes sex work, either open or clandestinely. Also, this document can be used to restructure the stereotype, not to justify social moralistic prejudices, but rather, to open a range of opportunities for trans people, which has been relegated even common survival system.

Possibly take several generations until this society that limits, excludes, marginalizes and imposes a social binary type, so that trans people can be not only accepted, if not accounted for by the simple fact of breathing the same air as anyone … is simple read but for many Cisgéneros-Straight-regulated is difficult to put into practice. And in fact, most are not guilty, but ignorance is not justified, and that is the subject of this study, publicize.

I invite you to see the reality of trans girls in Ecuador, but become subjects not only spectators, if not actively participate in the construction of a humanistic society, inclusive and equitable.

Complete study (in Spanish) is attached below.