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Transcend Support Offers Help For Parents of Transgender Children Through Their Blog and Forum

VIC Transcend Support, a non-profit online support group for parents of transgender children, is offering assistance to families through its online and offline support groups. Transcend allows parents to discuss the struggles of raising transgender children and offer support to one another. As well as local meetings and events Transcend offers a private forum where parents can share their experiences in an understanding environment.\n

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31st December 2012 22:10

Alessia Valenza

The prime purpose of Transcend Support is to provide help for parents of transgender children; however various articles are also published to create awareness on the issues amongst the general public and fight discrimination. A publication of a complete fact sheet by Rainbow Health Ontario is an example of a resourceful material that can both create awareness amongst the public on gender identity and can also prove very helpful to families with transgender children. Transcend Support works with various other support groups to provide inspiring stories. An article titled Born as a girl shared by Transcend Support, has discussed the lives of many transgender people including some celebrities. Latest news such as Joe Bidens statement that transgender discrimination is the civil rights issue of our time is also published by the support group.

Transcend Support has stated that the forum requires confirmation as it wants to ensure privacy of all its members. It further stated that the forum is exclusive for parents of transgender children only. The support group has informed the new forum members to not use their real names to protect them from any discrimination. The forum acts as a more personal assistance and encouragement feature of Transcend Support. Due to the secrecy of identity and privacy of the details, the forum offers the families to freely discuss the concerns and issues. More often than not the circumstances are common amongst different families of transsexual children and solutions can be found.

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