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Trans protection bill progresses in Canada

A bill to protect transgender Canadians from discrimination has passed its third reading in the House of Commons. The private member's bill introduced by was passed in a vote that split along party lines.

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3rd June 2011 12:11

Alessia Valenza

CTV reports that while the Conservatives largely opposed the law, a nearly-unanimous vote from opposition MPs was enough to ensure its passage by a margin of eight votes. Only seven Liberals voted against it and five members abstained.

Activist Enza Anderson told CTV’s Question Period that the bill was "a great victory for the trans community."

"This bill is very important, because it . . . gives teeth to other human rights legislation that (provinces) have enacted from coast to coast," she said.

"Trans women and trans men constantly face discrimination at all levels: of job opportunities; of housing; of just being out in a social setting. I’ve heard of trans women who’ve gone to use the women’s bathroom and simply were arrested."

"I think this is going to be a wonderful add to the Canadian Bill of Rights."

Bill C-389 now has the hurdle of the Conservative-dominated Senate.