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Documentary about transgender experiencies in Ecuador. In spanich woth english subtitles (First Part)

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23rd November 2009 19:20



Source: Youtube

What is a transgendered individual and how does he or she lives while trying to define his or her identity? Do they engage in actions that can be indentified as civil affairs? What are they doing to be known and how are they overcoming their problems? Four of them speak to us from their subjectivities and gender representations parting from their life stories, their relationships with the city and with others.

Film maker: Diana Varas Rodríguez (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1984) holds a degree in communication studies with a concentration in creative writing. Varas is director and producer of the documentary A imagen y semejanza (2008) (In our image and likeness), about transgender individuals and their actions to be recognized as legal citizens. That same year, it was selected for the Habana Film Festival in Cuba and Diversa International Gay Lesbian Trans Film Festival of Argentina. Two of her short stories, La caja payasa (Jack in the box) and La jaula de los esperpentos (The specter cage) where published in The Barcelona Review, an electronic review of international and contemporary cutting-edge fiction. Varas is part of the Peruvian-Ecuadorian anthology of women writers Amigas del Yeti (Friends of the Yeti).

Parts2, 3, 4 y 5