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Trans boy’s mum: why I’m sharing his story

The mum of a transgender Auckland child is unmoved by the worried criticism, the eyebrows being raised over teacups and the plain old fashioned hatred that have met the media coverage of her son’s journey. \n

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26th October 2013 23:21

Alessia Valenza

By now we are all likely to be aware of the story of the seven-year-old boy who, from age three started rejecting feminine clothing and toys, and at six made it clear to his parents (in the way of a six-year-old) that the body he was born in was not feeling right and he was incredibly unhappy.

So, his parents did a great deal of research and sought advice, and they say their youngster showed “contentment and joy” when he was able to ‘come out’ as a boy.
They have shared his story in the media, and while some of the reporting has been of the good old fashioned sensationalist variety, there have also been inaccuracies.

The Sunday Star Times, for example, has promised there will be an apology after a journalist’s solid story was blemished with a subeditor’s thoughtless front page headline: “little girl who wants to be a boy.”

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