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The SBS Incident – What Really Happened

In case you read about this in tomorrow’s Straits Times, the incident with the SBS driver has snowballed beyond my original intentions.  This has never been about punishing the driver/captain, whatever.  I never asked to be abused.  I never asked to be the subject of public ridicule.  I was on my way to a client meeting yesterday morning when I took the wrong bus.

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14th October 2012 23:38

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

I alighted at Bedok Temporary Interchange.  I was late.  As I was walking to the MRT station, a bus driver/captain wearing SBS uniform shouted “Ah Kua” and adopted a woman’s gait as he “sashayed” past me.  His fellow bus drivers – all wearing SBS uniform – hooted and clapped.  I was stunned and I felt intimidated (one woman versus so many men intent on shaming her).  As I was late, I decided to press on and not confront them.  

But along the underground pass, I paused to reflect.  To walk away from bullies is not my style – unless they are wielding guns and knives.  Foolhardiness is also not my style. By the time I returned, the perpetrator was nowhere to be seen.  I took some photos and left.  

The business contact I was supposed to meet was annoyed with me.  He smsed me to say we agreed to meet at a certain time but I was late.  I explained that I had to settle a case of verbal abuse as a matter of principle.

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