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The Phoenix Has Risen

The 5th ILGA Asia Conference's opening plenary featured keynote speeches from Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabbadini, ILGA Co-secretaries General, Ms. Anjana Suvarnanada of Anjaree and Mr. Kittinun Dharamadhaj, president of Rainbow Sky Association Thailand.  Also present during the opening ceremony is Dr. Taejing Siripanich, Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.    \n

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29th March 2013 08:37

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

The first plenary session consisted of reports on the role of ILGA in the global and regional LGBTI movements, situationer on women, trans and intersex persons. Twenty  Asian country reports on LGBTI rights movement  situation were presented, as well as a Pan-Africa ILGA situationer.  The countries include India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Bahrain, Macau, Vietnam, Palestine, Lebanon. 

The conference delegates number more than 200 representing around 25 countries in Asia. Some of the issues being addressed by LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex) groups in the Asia region include the following: 

(a) discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) and violence committed against LGBTIs;  

(b) colonial penal code and newly-instituted laws and policies that penalize LGBTI persons and criminalizes gay sex; 

(c) legalization of same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships; 

(d) the flaws of he ASEAN Human Rights Declaration; and  

(d) religious and political fundamentalism and its negative impact on LGBTIs; 

The 5th ILGA Asia conference is a testimony to the commitment and strength of LGBTI persons and groups to eradicate discrimination and violence against LGBTIs and to achieve equality for all, regardless of race, class, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.  

Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabbadini, ILGA Co-Secretaries General have this to say on the importance of the 5th ILGA Asia conference: 

ILGA regional conferences provide opportunities to engage in the most relevant experience sharing and effective strategizing with partners all over the region.  As Asia is the biggest, the most populated and most diverse region in the world, the preciousness of this opportunity becomes even more evident…Let’s celebrate then the new rising of the sun of ILGA Asia and its sweet promise of a better world for all! 

Welcome to Bangkok and to the 5th ILGA Asia Conference!