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The highs and the lows

The transgender community is often misunderstood. And those who enter the spotlight more often than not run a big risk of a public backlash. But that hasn’t stopped Nuntita – and now the young starlet sits with Time Out at the Palace IFC Theatre after a showing of her first feature film It Gets Better (which was also the closing film for the Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival) and tells us her story.

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21st December 2012 09:26

Alessia Valenza

Nuntita Khampiranon, better known as Belle Nuntita, wowed audiences on March 13, last year, when she stood on the stage of the ever-popular Thailand’s Got Talent TV show. The 29-year old walked out – looking stunning and all-woman – and started singing like a trained songstress. Her voice was soothingly feminine and note-perfect. But then, halfway through the performance, came something which had barely ever been seen – or heard – before. Nuntita ‘switched voice’ completely and began to sing in a powerful and moving masculine tone, octaves lower. Jaws dropped – but the audience quickly developed smiles before their cheers rang out. They instantly realised that Nuntita was born a man – but is now a transgender woman. And no-one criticised. A star was born. Read more