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The freedom of press of Indonesian LGBT NGO is under attack

Since April 2013, Our Voice Indonesia, one of the Indonesian LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) NGOs faced an issue on their freedom of distribution of information to their audiences. Some audiences complained of not being able to access the website of Our Voice Indonesia. On Tuesday, July 16, Our Voice Indonesia discussed advocacy strategies with the Press Legal Institute (LBH Press), before discussing about this blockade to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Menkominfo).\n

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4th August 2013 03:41

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Our Voice Indonesia, is one of the Indonesian LGBT movements that becomes very popular recently, not only among Indonesian LGBT, but also heterosexual youths, academics and human right activists. This NGO became well-known for their website’s promotion of human rights, gender and sexual equality, and religion and education, as well as its many creative activities.

Their mission to promote equality and human rights is wrapped by news on tragedies of human rights or inequality issues, gossips among celebrities about gay rights that occur in Indonesia and overseas. At the same time, this NGO attempts to share knowledge through articles that are written by many Indonesian scholars and activists from different disciplines.

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