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The façade is sad

A Filipino HIV advocate attends an international conference, and he, inadvertently and somewhat sadly, ended up realizing that real progress is not necessarily made in the confines of these gatherings. He now writes a blistering commentary on what he sees as the failure of the system.

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

11th December 2013 20:37

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

For one who works with and for the community, participation in the International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) may be considered as an important part and parcel in working for the HIV and AIDS advocacy. And so it was for me. I was glad that I was able to participate in high level discussions. I was able to learn firsthand the current situation of HIV and AIDS in the region. I was able to meet relevant people in the advocacy. I was able to witness the gathering of big organizations, big personalities, scholars and groups in one room.

But all these led to disappointing personal observations.

In this advocacy, scholars and academe worked very hard with grassroots to gather data and analyze the same to pinpoint the exact areas where the problems and the solutions to deal with this epidemic lie. They all deserve the credits and the attestations. But I noted that, also in this advocacy, giving credit where it’s due is not always the case.  There are the big organizations that keep these data and that continue to discuss the appropriate and effective measures to address the scholars’ findings. And here’s where the disappointment lies.

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