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The EOC Asked T&T Citizens To Speak-Up Against Discrimination

Equal Opportunity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago do not believe sexual orientation is discriminated in the country due to lack of complaints & asks the LGBTQ & allied communities to voice discrimination based on sexual orientation to further stimulate political dialogue.

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22nd November 2011 18:43

Alessia Valenza

EOC Asks LGBTQ Community to Speak-Up if you Exist.

Earlier this week, The Guardian Newspaper highlighted the complaints of the T&T Chapter of Disabled People International rather than accurately bringing forward the issues of the LGBTQ community at an equal opportunities commission public meeting held at the Port of Spain City Hall Auditorium.

In regards of correcting the misinterpreted information, The EOC did not infact receive 50 Letters a week from the LGBT community but are indeed lacking complaints, as of the time of the meeting, they (The Equal Opportunity Commission) highlighted the need of the LGBTQ and Ally communities to become more vocal of the issue of discrimination based on sexual orientation as they had yet only received one complaint (as of 17th October, 2011).

They stressed that not only did they need to hear more from the community but also mentioned that the amount of letters played a driving force in their efforts to make sexual orientation an addition within the protection categories of the discrimination act. To this date, due to the lack of evidence they do not believe sexual orientation exist as an issue here in the twin Islands of T&T.

The possibility of attaching Sexual Orientation onto the Discrimination Act here in Trinidad & Tobago has the ability to influence yet not limited to: education, health, public safety, employment, legislation and the social development sectors.

The FreePride Foundation Project pleads with the LGBTQ & ally community to raise more awareness of the powers of the EOC here in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you have been discriminated against or know of an ally who has been; based on Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity forward your letters* to the Equal Opportunities Commission via the address:

The Equal Opportunity Commission
1st Floor, Ceramic (Trinidad) Ltd, Building.
#37 Wrightson Road,
Port of Spain.

Contact Information:
Tel: (868) 625-5815
Fax: (868) 623-4319

Anonymous letters are accepted, however the more information provided can be a major asset.*

Together we can bring Trinidad and Tobago into the light of the 21st century and preserve the value and diversity of life.