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The arrest of a young Camerounian for homosexuality

Associations SID'ADO (teens against AIDS), ADEFHO (association for the defense of homosexuals s) and COFENHO (collective families of homosexual children) bring to your attention the case of Mr. Samuel Gervais alias Madonna

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28th June 2012 14:25

Alessia Valenza

He was arrested Sunday around 15h 20 minutes by a patrol of the ESIR (Rapid Intervention Team Special) Bépanda side with his companion.


It all started with a meeting via the dating site Gayromeo. Gervais receives home the one he came to know through the net, after spending good time together, the guest will ask to be paid for his services, a fight will break out and in order not to stir up the neighborhood, Gervais will return to her lover become executioner as guaranteed his laptop while waiting to give him later the sum of 100,000 CFA francs that he asked. After he left, Gervais will join him on the road to retrieve his laptop, another altercation between the two will follow, and a patrol ESIR pass in the corner will look at the crowd that had already formed in these places. The alleged lover will report having had sex with Gervais in exchange for remuneration that refuses to surrender Gervais, both will be arrested and taken to the premises of the GMI Bonanjo where they spend the night Sunday.


Monday morning, they were transferred to Pj for further investigations. Both say they have said nothing; we asked Gervais, who seems to be the accused in this case to remain silent and to request the assistance of his lawyer. The laptop that would contain romp Gervais was seized as evidence. Barrister Alice master input and informed of the situation has taken the bull by the horns and made ??a request for release.


We will keep you informed of the outcome of this scenario we follow minute by minute with the cooperation and assistance of our friends of Alternatives Cameroon and our Human Rights Observer.