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The 2nd Queer Ink Anthology: Celebratory LGBTI Stories of India

Queer Ink, India’s only publisher specializing in Indian Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex literature seeks YOUR stories for its second anthology.\n

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21st May 2013 06:17

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

After our first anthology, Out! Stories from the New Queer India was published to critical acclaim in 2012, we continue our mission to build a compelling body of Indian queer literature and adding to existing, groundbreaking texts.

We seek stories of people who live in India and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, hijra, kothi, queer, Genderqueer, Intersex and/or other sexuality and gender non-conforming identities; in other words, all Gender and Sexually Diverse peoples. We hope to tell many stories, real or creatively inspired that celebrate queer lives, loves, lusts, hopes, dreams and utopias. Through these stories, we wish for readers to be inspired by people’s abilities to turn a tragedy into an opportunity and glimpse at lives that celebrate life. Through this anthology, we wish to show the importance of making the choice to be happy.

We urge writers to send in stories written in English that are well-rounded depictions of all that life has to offer, the bricks and bouquets, the thorns and roses. Being queer may have its share of pain, but also, strength and happiness.

We expect the stories, both non-fiction and fiction, to be realistic. Kindly desist from sending flights of fantasy or dispassionate recounting of facts. The turn of events, reactions and transformations must not only be believable, but doable, too. Passion must be the punctum of your tale. Your intensity must shatter the wall of silence around queer lives.

We encourage stories that cut across class, region, languages, caste and all the other cultural walls that exist in India. Not just Khar, but Kanjikode; not just Alipore, but Ashwaraopalli; not just Defence Colony, but Dhaamdhusad, too.

Writers may be of any gender identity, but the story must feature a queer character. Diaspora writings are also welcome as long as there is a strong connection to India in the main character’s life. Stand-alone excerpts from longer works (novels, memoirs) are welcome. We are seeking a mix of established and emerging writers.

Multilingual poet and author of ‘Love?’ and ‘Sham-e-raah’ Owais will edit the anthology with a small team of curators.

Regional language submissions are welcome. We will work with authors to translate selected stories. All stories in the anthology will undergo professional editing and writers will retain control of story content. Writers will be paid 1,000 rupees for their piece, and two copies of the anthology upon publication.

Deadline for Submissions: June 1, 2013.

Please read Guidelines for Submission.