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Thailand’s mixed same-sex marriage messages

The reality is Thailand has just not progressed enough bureaucratically to facilitate equal rights for everyone, and on top of that we are probably too lazy to make it happen.

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

23rd April 2013 16:40

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

If you have a social media account you have no doubt come across someone using a pink equals sign on a red background as their profile picture recently. If you’ve seen the picture then I’m sure you already know that its use is intended as support for marriage equality in the US during the week that the Supreme Court decides whether to invalidate parts of the Federal Defence of Marriage Act.

Of course, equal rights for the LGBT community are not confined to the United States. Facebook and Twitter users here in Thailand have been showing their support for the cause too.

This is despite the fact that Thailand’s views on sex and gender can easily leave one more confused than an asexual hermaphrodite at a go-go bar. Our main business district is dotted with straight and gay massage parlours, but we ban same-sex marriage. We have transgender celebrities and politicians, but homosexuals are not allowed to give blood.

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