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Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir invites the world to sing as OutPostChoir goes live

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has launched a unique website which aims to create the world’s largest virtual choir. You Make Me Proud is the stirring song at the heart of OutPostChoir, an online project which celebrates diversity and speaks out against discrimination and violence towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people.

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17th April 2012 14:26

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Oceania

Music Director of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir, Dr Sarah Penicka-Smith, said today, “OutPostChoir is an opportunity for anyone to be proud, sing out, post your voice online and be a part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir no matter what outpost you live in.”

Anyone can now visit the website at, follow the video instructions to learn the song, record themselves on their personal webcam and then submit their video. Each video will then be mixed into the virtual choir performance on the website which will become an ever expanding mosaic of voices and faces as more and more people participate over the life of the project.

The international interest in OutPostChoir is expected to grow in the coming weeks as we approach the annual International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Intersexphobia (IDAHO) on Thursday 17 May.

Dr Penicka-Smith said, “The original idea for OutPostChoir was to give isolated LGBTIQ people in regional Australia or less tolerant countries around the world the same opportunity we have of being part of a supportive gay and lesbian choir. However, in the context of IDAHO Day, the project has developed into a powerful symbol of the world’s ongoing fight against homophobia. We invite all people, including our straight allies, to add
their voice.”

Throughout the month of May, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir will be taking the song You Make Me Proud to the streets to encourage as many people as possible to join OutPostChoir online. On Sunday 6 May, the choir will perform at Parramatta Town Hall as part of Family IDAHO Day involving contributions by PFLAG, local youth organisations and the Emergence art exhibition. On IDAHO Day itself, Thursday 17 May, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir will perform the song at Sydney’s Central Station for thousands of early morning commuters.

You Make Me Proud was selected as the official OutPostChoir song following a recent international song competition. The winning composer from Brighton, England was Howard Alexander who said, “The song is really all about recognising and celebrating the wonderful people in the community around us who help to give us the strength to be who we really are and to be the best that we can be. Sometimes those people have had to deal with huge challenges themselves and have overcome them, and become an inspiration to us in that way. But often it is just the incredible love and support of our extended family and friends which gives us the courage to really overcome our own personal struggles and to follow our own dreams. The song really serves as a reminder that we are all there for each other and that no-one should feel afraid or alone in the challenges they face.”

Further details on the OutPostChoir project can be found at

MEDIA: For further information, contact Andrew Dunn / 0419 809 642