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A survey conducted by the Malta Gay Rights Movement in 2008 on violence against LBT women. A few stories were collected in the survey

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9th February 2010 16:39



Stories of violence and harrassment on LBT women in Malta

Lesbian, 18 – 25:

"They stopped the car in the middle of the street and came out to attack us. They called me several terrible names and made fun of my girlfriend and me. The only man that I knew pulled up my girlfriend’s skirt and touched her and the other three (another one stayed in the car) came out to attack us both. So then I pushed them and hit them for self defence. All of this happened in front of the police station but nobody came to our rescue. We ended up making a report at the police station and those people cannot approach us anymore."

Lesbian, 18 – 25:

"I was in Paceville (Malta’s prime nightlife area) and two guys cornered me and wanted me to get another lesbian friend so that they could have sex with us. I didn’t want to and they started banging me against the wall and swearing at me and one of them punched me in my stomach. Then they left."

Lesbian, under 18:

I was attacked many times. It happened mostly at school. One incident happened in Valletta with a female local warden. I reported her and was told that nothing of the sort will ever happen again.

Transgender female, 40 – 51:

"I was sexually harassed many times because a lot of men think that because I wear a mini-skirt they can touch me as much they please. Last week I was the last passenger on the bus and the driver and his friends tried to rape me and told me that people like me are only good for that. I started screaming and they threw me off the bus. They threw things at me three times. Once it was children on bicycles – it seemed like they were waiting for me – they threw stones at me. Another time at a bar, a man who was drunk wanted to touch me and because I didn’t let him he threw the glass at me but it missed me. The barman called the police but they didn’t come."

Lesbian, 18 – 25:

"I used to find graffiti written about me next to my house and people used to call me names. and at discos, people give you ugly looks because you’re gay and you can see them making fun of you. you get a lot of boys passing comments at discos. and on the Internet there is a guy who leaves comments about me that I’m gay and tries to ridicule me. and he tells his sister that he does not want her to frequent people like me."

Lesbian, 26 – 40:

"At home, harassment is constant. I am not allowed to be alone with children… At work, I experience a few incidents per month. I pay the price for being honest about myself."

Bisexual woman, 18 – 25:

"My girlfriend and I have been together for 7 years. By now, my parents have accepted the situation. In fact, they now let my girlfriend stay over every night and treat her as one of the family. However, they still occasionally pass comments such as, ‘But your life is wasted!’, ‘I cannot understand your life – it’s senseless!’, or make other small gestures like a mocking smile when I comment that we are celebrating an anniversary."

A survey conducted by the Malta Gay Rights Movement in 2008.
Overview by Gabi Calleja