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Sexual Reassignment Support System Sri Lanka

Recognizing the much obvious stigma and discrimination transgender persons, both male to female and female to male, face in the society due to a number of facts that linger in several levels, Diversity And Solidarity Trust (DAST) has taken the initiative of developing a Sexual reassignment Surgery(SRS) support System which would provide an easy to access, safe and comfortable all round service to transgender persons.

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12th September 2013 17:15

Alessia Valenza

PLEASE NOTE: We have received notice that DAST is not functioning as an organisation any more (August 2013).

The foremost reason that DAST recognized to initiate the SRS support system is the difficulty and the discrimination transgender persons experience in the SRS process which compels them to dwell in the process for a considerable time which sometimes extend to more than one decade. Being “different” in the perspective of the society, transgender persons who are looking forward for SRS and those who are not, face an immeasurable amount of stigma, discrimination, violence and harassment because of the lack of a proper support system.

Secondly the main components of the SRS process are disjointed and distanced from each other which ultimately contribute to a complicated, difficult to access process.

The sexual reassignment surgery support system initiated by DAST is basically comprised with the key components of the SRS; doctors, lawyer, mediator and a same interest group.

The SRS support system includes a psychologist, gynecologist, urogenital surgant and a sexual health and a sex therapy specialist.

The SRS system that operates in Sri Lanka requires the transfer of the identity documents to the preferred gender at the beginning and therefore the SRS system is also comprised with a lawyer who will link the individuals with the Department of birth and death registrar. DAST will be the key mediator of the circle of doctors, lawyer, transgender individuals facing for the SRS and the same interest group which includes both transgender persons willing to face a SRS and those who are not in order to share experience, motivate and strengthen each other.

The main objective of initiating the SRS support system is to generate a proper, integrated system in which the individuals who are facing the SRS would be assured of a non-complicated, secured SRS process which is less time consuming. The secondary objective is to create a flow of information on transgender and SRS services for the transgender individuals to enable them to access the available services frequently. The third objective is to create a same interest group for the transgender persons facing the SRS in order to create a comfortable zone for them to share experience.

Currently within the SRS support system there are five transgender persons who are at different stages of the SRS process. The initiated SRS Support system operates in a highly confidential routine due to the possible threats from law enforcement authorities. If you are aware of any transgender individuals who are in need of such a service please do refer to us.

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