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Sexual Orientation Discrimination Worsen Severely

A research on Sexual Orientation Discrimination on Women in Hong Kong (2010) carried out by Women Coalition HKSAR found that 53% participated has been discriminated, as compared to 39% in 2005, by a similar research that was carried out in 2005, The situation has worsened severely.\n

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29th July 2011 06:54

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Sexual Orientation Discrimination on Women in Hong Kong (2010) was carried out between October to December 2010. 510 Women participated by filling out questionnaires. After consolidating all the data collected, 270 women (53%) claimed that they have been discriminated. Of all participants, 62.4% claimed to be homosexuals, 33.3% Bisexuals, 3.5% Heterosexuals & 0.8% Others.

The current condition of discrimination in various categories were asked and Education was the worst, 31% has been discriminated in schools

Chart 1 – Current condition of discrimination in various categories

Education 31%

Shopping/Customer Service

Impaired Service 23%

Refuse to serve 3%

Workplace 20%

Healthcare 6%

Housing (Purchase/Rental) 5%

Among various discrimination acts, the top 5 are: Verbal insult, humiliation, impaired service, unfair duty delegation & sexual Harrassment and of those who discriminate, the top 5 are Strangers in public, classmates/teaching staff/student, olleague/Supervisor/ subordinate, friends & Family (Co-habit) (see. Chart 2 & 3). Other results and details of
crimination cases can be found in Appendix.

Discrimination Comlaint Neglected

Of the 53% who were discriminated, only 0.9% has filed a complaint but received no feedback.

An hotline (2835 1565) was set up for sexual orientation discrimination complaints by HK government in 2005, which was then under Constitution and Mainland Affairs Bureau later on. The government has provided insufficient promotion, the existence of which is still unknown to most general Tongchi community, hence complaint has been scarce.

Photo 1º Sexual Orientation Discrimination Hotline Promotional Poster (pictured in metro station on Aug 2010) by Constitution and Mainland Affairs Bureau ¨C Message Vague & Ambiguous

Our Request

*** Mr. Stephen S.L. LAM, JP, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Hong Kong Government, to look into the current situation of the Sexual orientation discrimination, evaluate the current floundered policy and the actual effectiveness of Sexual orientation discrimination complaint hotline;

*** Reinforce public education in Education, Vocation & Service Industries;

*** Fulfill the responsibility by CEDAW, proceed to legislative procedure for Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance in order to protect people with various orientation to be further discriminated.

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Woman Coalition of HKSAR (
28 July 2011