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Same sex co-living is considered in the revision of law on marriage and family

The Ministry of Justice in Vietnam has just sent out a consultative letter to concerned agencies on same sex relationship, with focus on legal consequences of same sex cohabitation. The ISEE and ICS are developing a comprehensive strategy to work on this \nrevision process.

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22nd June 2012 07:13

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

On June 7, the Institute for Social, Economic and Environmental  Studies (iSEE) announced that they welcome the addition of same sex relationship to the draft of amended Law on Marriage and Family, which supposedly will be presented to the National Assembly in the near future.

This is the first time same sex co-living is considered for the draft of the amended law since the 2000 Law on Marriage and Family (article 10, clause 5) which prohibits marriage between same sex couples.

According to the official correspondence sent by the Ministry of Justice to related ministries and offices, there are still many opposite views on same sex marriage. There are only more than 20 countries and territories that legalized same sex marriage.

Also according to Ministry of Justice, community of gay and lesbian tend to expand [in VN] and the demand for marriage or co-living increase. From individual freedom points of view, the rights for same sex marriage need to be acknowledged. However, due to the sensitivity of the topic and customs of Vietnamese people, it is too early to acknowledge same sex marriage in VN now.

However, according to the Ministry of Justice, regulations need to be supplemented to solve matters related to same sex co-living, such as properties and adopted children of same sex family and [these regulations need to be added] to the draft of amended Law on Marriage and Family.

According to Ministry of Justice, there have been many conflicts related to these issues, but current law have no regulations to deal with them.

According to iSEE, draft for amended Law on Marriage and Family should legalize and protect the rights of same sex couple such as the rights to properties and to have children.