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Russia Not Only Country With Anti-Gay Laws

Many other countries, from Iran to Cameroon, have harsh anti-gay laws. Under the penal code of the Islamic Republic of Iran adopted after the 1979 revolution, death is a potential punishment for homosexuality. Kissing another man or woman in public may result in 60 lashes.

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31st August 2013 05:06

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

International human rights groups have collected evidence that Iran has executed men on homosexuality charges, and documented cases of arrests, imprisonment, and physical abuse of LGBT persons based on their sexual orientation or association with other members of LGBT community. An updating of Iran’s penal code in May 2013 criminalized homosexual identity, rather than specific acts, making it punishable by 31 to 74 lashes.

Homosexuality was described by the secretary general of Iran’s high council for human rights as "an illness and malady," and by former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as something which "we don’t have in our country." A Tehran journalist who interviewed several Iranian homosexuals to show that that they do indeed exist received 60 lashes and a four-year jail term.


As in Russia, Qatar’s anti-homosexual laws have come under increased scrutiny as it prepares to host the 2022 World Cup. Qatari law considers homosexuality a criminal offense that’s punishable by up to seven years in jail (or a life term when one of the parties is under 16 years of age).

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