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Religious Bigots Run HK School

A Christian school in Hong Kong has banned gay teachers and made staff sign a ‘Morality Contract’ in a case both activists and the Equal Opportunities Commission say shows an urgent need for tougher anti-discrimination laws in Hong Kong, reports Simon Parry in the China Daily newspaper.

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16th March 2014 01:06

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

As an expatriate teacher filled out an application form for a position in the art department of the International Christian School in Sha Tin, an oddly-worded section titled “Staff Guidelines” caught her eye.

Employees, it declared, should be above reproach in areas of “sexual orientation and behavior, marital and parental relationships, personal finances, addictive substances, and leisure activities”.

Any contraventions of what is known within the school as the “Morality Contract”, the guidelines said, would be dealt with “in accordance with biblical principles Matthew 18: 15-19” — a gospel tract suggesting unrepentant sinners should be cast out like “a heathen”.

When the applicant emailed the school asking for clarification, she received a reply in somewhat blunter, unbiblical language from Sandy Burnett, administration and recruitment coordinator at the 1,200-pupil school, where fees range from HK$95,200 to HK$129,300 per annum.

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