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Rally Against Homosexualism

Cllr. Jerome Verdier, Sr., has called on the government of Liberia, the Liberian people, and the Liberian Council of Churches to rally against the legalization of gay and lesbian practices in Liberia.

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13th January 2012 12:31

Alessia Valenza

Former TRC chair, Cllr. Jerome Verdier, Sr., has called on the government of Liberia, the Liberian people, and the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC) to rally against the legalization of gay and lesbian practices in Liberia.

“Legalizing homosexuality will further erode and degrade the moral fabric of our nation and degenerate its civilization and godliness,” Cllr. Verdier said in a press statement he issued on January 11, 2012.

He quoted the January 10, 2012 edition of the New Dawn newspaper as suggesting that the government of Liberia was either considering, had considered, or has planned to legitimize homosexualism in Liberia.

He did not say how the government planned to accomplish this, given that sodomy is illegal in Liberia; and while there is no expressed ban on lesbian and gay practices, the Liberian society regards such practices as utter derangement.

The former TRC boss described news of the legitimization of homosexualism in Liberia as “alarming” and noted that it was incumbent upon all God-fearing Liberians and Liberians of virtue to condemn the plan for its abominableness.

“While it is true that we are all sinners who fall short of God’s glory, the GOD of this nation, the GOD of our forefathers and of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Mary, Esther, Deborah, the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, hates homosexuality because it is unnatural and a bestial form of submission to the devil,” he said.

The legal and rights advocate, who now seemingly turned Christian evangelist, said not only must Liberians oppose the legitimization of the social perversion, but that they most also repent of their sinful permissiveness and bring the nation to God.

“Our GOD will destroy this nation, like great powers and civilizations of the past, if we endorse any form of devil worship or homosexuality. Since we are all sinners, it is the righteousness of the nation as a whole that will exalt Liberia and not our individual sin which is a reproach to every man (Proverbs 14:34),” he said.

Whether beyond the press release Cllr. Verdier will challenge any attempt to legalize or fight to annual any existing legalization of homosexualism in Liberia through the courts and through civil rights advocacy, he did not say.

Some say this silence about tangible steps beyond the issuance of press release is likely to trivialize Verdier’s rejection of homosexualism in the Liberian society rather than enforce it.

Perhaps it is in realization of this that the former TRC boss endeavored to pass the buck. “We reserve the strongest term possible for condemnation and call on all the people of Liberia, especially the Liberian Council of Churches and all other religious groups, institutions and individuals to condemn this ugly act,” he said.

The rights advocates does not believe that the current political leadership of Liberia has the political will and moral standing to withstand outside powerful, influential governments and interest groups that are crusading for the legalization of homosexualism in Africa, using stick-and-carrot means.

This is because he believes most of the nation’s leaders took part in the 14-year civil war, which bereft them of the required moral judgment and the political fortitude to stand against any evil that tend to destroy the nation.

It is not clear whether the counselor realize that such conclusion, by expansion, connotes that the Liberian people, who elected these people in an election the world acclaimed “free, fair, and transparent” are equally depraved.

The will of the government, arguably, is the sum total of the collective wills of its subjects, because as the Bible says, a fig tree will not bear an apple.

In such case, some say, the way to go would be to begin a national ant-homosexual campaign to sensitize the entire nation, mainly the youth population, about the adverse consequences of legalizing bestiality in postwar Liberia, which has sufficient social, moral, and economic problems of its own. Anything other than that, they say, would be to whitewash a cracking wall.

Whatever the case, Cllr. Verdier has urged government policymakers to redirect their energies to “repairing the mistakes of the past and adopting new policy focus to redress social, economic and political inequalities that continue to confront the nation even today and foster genuine national reconciliation”.

He said recent denials by unnamed government officials that there was no plan being considered to legalize homosexualism and that they would oppose such a plan, has brought him relief.

The denial, as relieving as it is though, he said, does not discount the fact that certain elements in government, for personal interest or for the anxiety to conform to liberalism in such countries as the United States, would not hesitate to cave in to advocates of homosexualism.

“Not only are we condemning this ugly upsurge in the push for the creation of a homosexual society, we are calling attention to the alleged role of foreign interests and money in attempting to influence national policy towards decriminalizing homosexuality in Liberia,” he said, insisting, ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’.

Meanwhile, the former TRC boss has challenged the religious leaders, “who claim to hold the moral authority and moral consciousness of Liberia, as their mantle, not to relent in steering a national campaign against this debased level of decadence and debauchery in Liberia”.

He realized that gay and lesbian practices exists in what he called “some very depraved quarters” in Liberia, but noted that what was frightening were evolving efforts to give the practices legitimacy.