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Proper study on LGBTI community sought

In lack of proper study and records, serious difference has surfaced among the organizations working for sexual and gender minorities regarding the number and identity of the members of the community.

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22nd March 2014 09:07

Alessia Valenza

 A newly registered Gay and Lesbian Sexual Minority Network Nepal (GLSMNN) claims that the population of LGBTI is far less than what has always been projected by Nepal´s oldest gay organization Blue Diamond Society.

“We demand a study on our exact status and guarantee of our rights. However, we equally oppose the fake number being projected since years by some organizations,” said Jamin Rana, president of the GLSMNN. “All the organizations who claim to work for gays are competing right now for some international events and funds. What has drawn our serious concern is the practice of inflating the number just to get extra benefits. This is happening since long. Our government should pay attention to all corruptions going on in the name of third gender," he added.

Rana even criticized the term ´third gender´. “Even though it is in use elsewhere, people like us clearly know that this is a nonsense term. Most of the activities carried out by the organizations formed for our rights are simply fooling the society. We are normal people and not the dramatized version portrayed to gain attention,” he said.

Media officer at the Blue Diamond Society (BDS) Madav Dulal explained that though there is a lack of official figure on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, BDS has been reporting the figure based on its members and networks. “It is not for fund or other benefits BDS is working. It is purely for the people marginalized on the basis of their sexual orientation. However, we, too, urge the government to study about our exact status,” he said.

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