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PMA: Homosexuals welcome

The Philippine Military Academy says it has always been open to accepting homosexuals in the country's premier training institution for military officers.?

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14th July 2012 09:41

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

PMA superintendent Major Gen. Nonato Peralta on Tuesday said: "We do not discriminate. (Homosexuality) is not prohibited."

Capt. Agnes Flores, spokesperson for the PMA, said applicants and cadets simply have to strictly abide by the same set of rules. "They are required to behave the way the cadets are to behave," Flores said.

"(If not) mapapagalitan sila (they will be reprimandd) because that’s not what’s expected of them. Dahil pumasok sila sa ating institusyon (Beacuse they joined  this institution) they are to follow the rules and regulations ng ating organisasyon (of our military academy)," Flores added. "Kapag pumasok s’ya ‘yong lalaki (If he enters as a male cadet) he has to wear the uniform." 

"Bawal is bawal [What’s prohibited, is prohibited], that’s what we teach our cadets. If you cannot comply with the rules, you yourself will violate the rule, you’re not deserving to be called a PMA-er."

The bottomline, the PMA officials said: a cadet is a cadet, regardless of sexual orientation, subject to the same rules and expectations as everybody else.