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Perú: MHOL and Peruvian Network of Masculinities promote joint IDAHO events

In Peru, more activities are announced within the “Cures that Kill” Campaign. The Homosexual Movement of Lima (MHOL) and the Peruvian Network or Masculinities get together to run a series of events about sexual diversity and to remind the injustices historically commited against LGBTs.

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10th May 2011 21:47

Alessia Valenza


On May 15th, at 5pm in the Plaza San Martín, in Lima, there will be an event, “Hands given against Homophobia”, which consist’s of inviting people to join the group and wear pink and black triangles as badges, remembering the 250,000+ homosexual men and women that died in the nazi Germany camps.
fter that, people will be invited to hold hands with each other, men with men, men with women, women with women in a big wide circle, while the international appeal of the “Cures that Kill” campaign is read. By the end of this action, people will be invited to sign the Pink Book Against Homophobia. This action is being organized by the Peruvian Network of Masculinities.

On May 12, 19 and 26, at the House of MHOL, there will be a the “Cures that Kill” film festival, screening the films “Save Me”, "Shock to the System" and "Prayers for Bobby". This House of MHOL’s address is Mariscal Miller 828, Jesús María – Tel: +511 4335314.

The Third Cycle of Conferences on Gender and Masculinities will be held on May 16, 23 and 30, as part of the activities related to IDAHO. Conferences will discuss themes related to homophobia and the roles of masculinity and heteronormativity. This activity will happen at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marco