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PARAGUAY: Successful TESTFREE workshops are conducted by SOMOSGAY with support of PRONASIDA

On Friday, 23 October 2009, SOMOSGAY PRONASIDA jointly with the Ministry of Health, conducts workshops for volunteer counseling and testing in EL CENTRO SOMOSGAY, called ” TESTFREE in the center.”

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14th April 2010 19:07



This service offers the advantage of being performed in a place accessible to the majority of the LGBT audience, thanks to its privileged location, the SOMOSGAY’s CENTER. The service is available in several medical centers in the city, aims to extend the public, focusing particularly on populations considered most vulnerable to the pandemic, as is the case of gay men and transgender women. In this goal, the PRONASIDA has committed its support to SOMOSGAY in activities that aim to improve outreach to this audience.

The initiative was welcomed by the community, attended by an important number to the meeting held on the first day.

The service was offered with the use of rapid testing, which enabled the convenience of knowing the test result within 15 minutes, accompanied by peer counseling, offered by trained counselors from the PRONASIDA (the National Program for Control of HIV, Aids an STI)

The successful conference were attended by a large number of people, where rapid testing were used by more than 75% of the attendees , a great achievement in such activities in the LGBT population in Paraguay. The arrival of SOMOSGAY to their target audience is key to offering these services.

The Ministry of Health through the PRONASIDA is in a full expansion strategy for the volunteer counseling and testing services in various public hospitals. It is hoped that the public can attend these services without any discrimination or abuse, so SOMOSGAY offers assessment to bring recommendations, complaints and suggestions that can help monitor the proper implementation of these services.

SOMOSGAY affirms its commitment to public, free and open access to health, for all Paraguayans.