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PARAGUAY: Paraguayan Government joins gay and transgender people to public office with the support of SOMOSGAY

Simon Cazal of SOMOSGAY and Camilo Soares the Minister of National Emergency Secretariat welcomed the inclusion of the first gay person and first person with trans identity in public. It is hoped that this fact standing at other levels of government in its three branches, generate equal opportunities for inclusion of people who have been historically discriminated against.

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1st March 2010 14:43



 It aims to advance on the path towards full equality of LGBT people, while also providing an opportunity to raise the need to improve access to employment for people who have been historically discriminated against for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Such measures aim to promote a “compensatory justice”, with which they try to compensate for disadvantage and discrimination we have suffered as a group throughout history, a “distributive justice”, that would try to adjust the social imbalance existing finally aiming at a “social utility”, where they seek to mobilize the economic and social potential of all members of society, for the common good.

Publicize an act of affirmative action carries risks, one of them is that the enemies conscious and unconscious, using all resources to demerit the fact and thus prevent other members of the excluded group can benefit from similar acts.

Positive discrimination is a social policy aimed at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged groups, providing an effective opportunity to match its most disadvantaged social. The operating mechanism means the exception to the principle of equal treatment referred to in the legislative framework, that is: treat unequal starting what is an unequal situation. Antidiscrimination law attempts to alleviate the situation of injustice suffered by those who belong to a certain group in relation to those who belong to another group, so the scope of the principle of equality extends beyond the mere conception of the individual.

The recognition and establishment of the social inequalities in the membership of a social group, common sense becomes a necessity of legitimate political action intended to eliminate the mechanisms of direct and indirect discrimination of sex, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or disabilities worldwide.

SOMOSGAY is a community organization whose main purpose will be to defend and promote freedom of sexual orientation, and specifically, the right to freedom of sexual orientation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders and also work together in responding to the HIV pandemic, the AIDS, other STIs (sexually transmitted infections), and work on the rights of PLWHA (people living with the HIV virus and AIDS).

SOMOSGAY will continue its initiatives to combat discrimination against gay people in particular and the LGBT movement in general.