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Pan Africa ILGA welcomes and celebrates the establishment of the newest organisation in the Region, Iranti-Org.

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15th August 2012 14:32

Alessia Valenza

Iranti [pronounced írantì] is the Yoruba word for ‘memory’. Founded in January 2012 by Human Rights activist, photographer and curator, Jabulani Chen Pereira, Iranti-Org is formed with the clear intention of building local partnerships and movements that use media as a key platform for lobbying, advocacy and educational interventions across Africa.

Iranti-Org is a queer human rights visual media organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Iranti-Org works within a human rights framework as its foundational platform for raising issues on Gender, Identities and Sexuality. Through the use of various visual mediums such as videos, photography, audio recording, among others, Iranti-Org sets itself as an archive of Queer memory in ways that destabilize numerous modes of discrimination based on gender, sexuality and sexual orientation.

Through such multi-media approaches, Iranti-Org documents issues related to gender and gender identification; sexuality and sexual orientation within varied contexts in South Africa and on the continent. Most importantly, Iranti-Org seeks to find local vernaculars that tell the stories of vulnerable persons simultaneously alongside and outside International Human Rights universalisms. Iranti-Org works with rural and urban populations in South Africa and the region as part of its engagement with civil society at different levels.

Since its establishment in January 2012, Iranti-Org has documented hate crime attacks and murders within South Africa. Iranti-Org has worked closely with LGBTI groups in building an effective national campaign against hate crimes and violence.
1. In the past few months, we have, between June and July 2012, documented the murders of:
• Thapelo Makhutle a 24 year-old gay man from Kuruman, Northern Cape
• Andritha Thapelo Morifi, a 29 year-old lesbian from Mokopane, Limpopo
• Sanna Supa, a 34 year-old lesbian from Soweto, Gauteng

2. In July 2012, in collaboration with FEW (Forum for the Empowerment of Women), Iranti-Org developed a national action plan calling for an end to the silence by the South African Government on hate crimes and violence.

3. On the 18th July 2012 in collaboration with FEW, other national LGBTI groups and individual activists, Iranti-Org mobilized a national protest against the government’s silence on hate crimes and violence against LGBTI persons. Dubbed 67 Minutes of Shame this protest was framed within the 67 minutes devoted to acts of goodwill in honour of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s freedom and equality icon.

4. In collaboration with TIA (Transgender Intersex Africa) and OSISA (Open Society Initiative Southern Africa), Iranti-Org was involvement in the first workshop of its kind on gender identities and sexuality with Beyond Identities –a Soweto-based group for young lesbians.

Pan Africa ILGA congratulates the organisation on the work done thus far and we look forward to seeing Iranti-Org’s projects and the much needed documentation of queer person’s existence in Africa.


For more information, please contact
Apinda Mpako

Jabulani Chen Pereira
Mobile: +27(0) 82 957 5349