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Oz elections: Marriage equality unlikely

Marriage equality has featured regularly in the sometimes vitriolic campaign, with Labour leader Kevin Rudd experiencing a sudden change of heart on the subject in recent days. Reflecting on his own marriage, Rudd said: "No matter who we love, we should all be able to make the same promise I was able to make to Therese," he said. "If you support gay marriage, I will need your support in this election... it's time for marriage equality."\n

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17th September 2013 06:09

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Oceania

National-Liberal coalition leader Tony Abbott and most in his conservative coalition are against marriage equality. In recent days he has said he does not believe marriage equality is inevitable, likening the push to the failed bid for Australia to become a republic.

"There were many a few years ago who kept telling us a republic is inevitable," he said. "If this country lasts for a thousand years quite possibly at some point we might be a republic, but I don’t think a republic is inevitable anytime soon and similarly I don’t see same sex marriage as inevitable."

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