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Oust Anti-Gays From Equality Committee Say NGOs

The Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association (TTHA) and other NGOs have called upon the Ministry of Education in Taiwan to re-discuss the list of the Committee for Gender Equality as it contains members who discriminate against homosexual people, with some of them having spoken out against gay adoption.

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15th February 2014 11:36

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

The association suggests that people who have made statements that actively discriminate against homosexuals should not become committee members.

The Department of Student Affairs and Special Education pointed out that according to preliminary investigation, some members had rejected the draft bill for diverse family formation. However, if they have actually discriminated against homosexuals should be clarified and solved.
TTHA is an organization providing people (especially the LGBT communities) with peer counseling, support networks, and a community resource center. It is a joint effort of four LGBT and gender issue concern groups that were established in 1980.

As part of its work, TTHA has been supporting the promotion of gender equality education in Taiwan, notably through the inclusion of gay rights and sexual orientation topics in the new curriculum for elementary and junior high school. By teaching youths about diversity in sexual orientation, TTHA and other like-minded organizations hope to enhance understanding and respect.

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