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Opposition leader accused of using sex as a weapon

The Southern Provincial Councilor and the Attorney at Law Maithri Gunaratne in an interview to an English language local newspaper has accused that Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe’s homosexual tendencies have affected the party’s progress.

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31st August 2013 06:47

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

He has said that fear has been instilled in the minds of parents to allow their children to join the UNP due to the appointment of the party leader’s homosexual partners to positions in the party ignoring the most suitable persons to hold such posts.
Gunaratne points out in the interview that there is no issue with regard to the sexual preferences of the party leader as long as they do not curry favors as a result. He can have any preference, but it should not be involved in the party’s political process.
Responding to a question as to whether there have been incidents where young boys have been victimized in the party after refusing overtures made by the Party leader, Gunaratne says that the best example is the case of parliamentarian Buddhika Pathirana. He says that the parliamentarian had been asked on three occasions to accompany Wickremasinghe to various hotels and villas in the South, and the victimization against Pathirana started when he did not respond to the overtures. Gunaratne says that there are several other witnesses as well, but he cannot divulge their names at this moment, but they too will come forward when an inquiry is held into the complaint made by him.