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Nigeria: No more lesbianism in Super Falcons

Super Falcons' Coach, Eucharia Uche, has confessed that there were truly lesbians in the national team.

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22nd March 2011 12:42

Alessia Valenza

In a paper Eucharia Uche delivered at the ‘First Seminar on Women Football in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects’ before her appointment, Uche shocked her audience at the event with the startling admittance that some of the country’s female players often times indulged in
lesbian practices. She boldly said: “It’s a worrisome experience that some of our players indulge in lesbianism. Some of them go as far as renting rooms in hotels around the team’s campsite where they go to satisfy their orgy. “A good number of them even bring their male friends into the camp. It’s a serious development that has been detrimental to the team’s growth and performance,” she further lamented. With this confession from a participant observer, only a doubting Thomas would go ahead to argue the existence of the nasty act of lesbianism in the country’s female teams.

Meanwhile, statements from Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)’s Chief Media Officer, Ademola Olajire, who few years ago had echoed the ravaging scourge of ‘women sleeping with their fellow women as love birds’, could have laid to rest the veracity of the existence of lesbians among Falcons.

“We all know of these vices because lesbianism has become a thing of common knowledge that the female footballers no more hide it among themselves. However, those who indulge in the nasty act had promised to stop it and the NFF is putting measures in place to ensure that they keep to their promises,” the media officer stated.

Whatever measure taken so far to stop the girls from ‘living in love’ with their fellow girls, a stakeholder in the football family, Sir James Peters, has stated that not much has been achieved in that direction in the national team. In a recent chat with Daily Sunsports in Abuja, the former NFF technical assistant said: “Having coached female teams in the US, I have an in-depth knowledge about how lesbians operate. “When I was in charge of the Falconets, we did not allow lesbian to stay in the same room. We took time to identify all of them and checkmated them with some restrictions. “The act was rampart with the Super Falcons that played at the World Cup in China and at the African Women Championship in Equatorial Guinea. It was during those tournaments that I discovered the lesbians in the team,” he revealed. “When I was drafted to work with the Falcons last year, I decamped some of the players, not because they were not good players, but because they were lesbians. It did not go down well with some of the players because we made sure that neither the ‘husband’ nor the ‘wife’ made the team,” he said. However, if what Coach Uche told Daily Sunsports in Abuja last weekend is anything to go by, then lesbianism could be counted as a thing of the past among Falcons. Although she admitted that she mounted an intense battle against the oddity, she, however, stated that it was a divine touch that has dealt a final blow on the menace.

“Yes, lesbianism used to be a big problem in the team, but since I took over as the chief coach of Falcons, I think the problem has been dealt with. Lucky, some of the girls played with me and they know my dos and don’ts. They know that I cannot tolerate such a nasty practice. In fact, lesbianism does not currently exist in Falcons’ camp and nobody discusses it,” she stated. Asked what she did to arrest the bad situation, the coach quipped: “When the presence of God is invited in a particular place, positive changes abound. “The players have come to know God now unlike what we had in the past. Most of them lived in ignorance, but now, they have realised the truth through proper counselling. “We now have a bunch of players that are thirsty for the things of God and with that, they are now more committed and devoted to their games, knowing that football can attract fame, fortune and joy to their hearts quite unlike lesbianism that can ruin them. The Christians among them now go to church and on our own, we periodically organise non-denominational prayer sessions. “We have seen the result of our efforts and I can tell you that lesbianism is now a thing of the past in the camp of the Super Falcons,” the coach stated.